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New Class Wars Wager System Mods Please Reply

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    I purchased balens to use for wager. This is not like those people who gamble on getting a Hades card or such like - it was clear that spending balens + Crystals to 5k would return 5k crystals back. I did that to get the mount.

    I can not see this ending well for R2 unless they shape up and fast. Money back or mount - extra balens will not surfice. It needs a fast fix as if they supply 2500 extra crystals and some people bet for the Wildfire mount and spent some crystals already .... They face a lot of PayPal scrutiny when everyone complains to PayPal and Credit card companies.

    I did get a reply from R2 saying they were going to fix this - but not what the fix was or when it will happen.

    Fingers crossed here - many customers will move elsewhere if they fail in this ...

    Good luck to everyone with this , players and R2 alike !!


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      So the system has tricked ppl again with this little"bug" you call it?

      If there is a price error somewhere else, big and reputable the sellers often choose to honor it, others cancel the order with full refund.

      What we got from R2 so far? Nothing. Is this the way how average companies do business here?
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        as always we get screwed


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          Why didn't server 109 an others get to do yet again for the second time