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Soul Crystal Event to take place on the 2nd

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    Originally posted by po1NNNt View Post
    It's more than enough seeing people are too greedy and keep stacking the sc and having like over 50k.
    I want 50k SC... gimme plz?


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      Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
      why not? you should aim for orange. Lots of tom, **** and harry having orange sylphs now. Every BG I go i see an orange sylph as though it's being sold for free on the market. Half of those ppl with orange sylphs I fight I still kill them in less than a it must have been pretty easy and cheap (might've been from too much hoarding and spending them during the unlimited events when it was giving out event items..) to make sylphs orange if even the weak light cashers getting it as well. You shouldn't stand out with a purple sylph =P get an orange so you can blend in with the BG society XD
      what happens when we get sylph upgrade, if my gaia is orange will my hercules be orange as well?
      IGN: AncientEvil
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      Getting less Evil and more Ancient every day.


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        yes ancev, the pet will remain orange, but u`ll have to pay balens to save sepulcrums used to enchant , and skills ,