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Adding Cashu to Vip purchase options

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  • Adding Cashu to Vip purchase options

    hi , i wonder if cashu can be added to non Credit Card methods of purchasing Vip , it is already allowed in Balens Purchase and it was present before in Vip as well but was removed for no reason .i missed the last Vip pack event and now i have to wait for next event to buy vip card

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    Although i dont use CashU i can support this more payment options=more payments cmon R2 get your stuff together


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      please add cashU to the game monkey king online.. many people on the eastern country purchase with cashU since teenagers don't have credit card sites like paypal and the other stuff. i prefer using cashU. i payed over 300$ on a game called imvu. and if cashU would be available here i might buy taels and vip weekly and there might be few more hundreds of users that would buy using cashU


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        I want to pay 1.99 USD with Cash u