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About Mount Whip Event

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  • About Mount Whip Event

    So a couple months ago there was a Mount Whip event, where you trade in (example) "5 whips and you get 2 items plus the monthly event items <--- Example Kingly Souls this month. Then there would be the other event where you can trade like 80 of the event items for mounts/sylphs/clothing.

    Does anybody know if they will have anything like this again?
    Im not sure if I should keep saving my Mount whips or not.
    Somebody says this might not likely happen again. But not sure
    So if anybody has any info on future events like this, would like to know


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    The common belief is that 5 months ago that kind of event was a sort of "christmas / new years present". So if you feel the need to horde until next holiday season thats up to you


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      Anything is possible at this point. Knowing how they run this game, you can say it is possible. R2/PC are the best at trolling players than forum trolls.