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Max levels for Page 2 of Academy at different levels???

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  • Max levels for Page 2 of Academy at different levels???

    OK, to some this may sound like a stupid question, but what are the different Maximum levels for page 2 of the Academy?? I have heard rumors that lvl 70, which I am is already 70, others say no, it is still 40 as in the level 60's... HELP!!! I need to know, so I am properly leveling my academy...

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    50 is 20
    60 is 40
    70 is 60
    80 is 80
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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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      Academy needs to be level 60+ to unlock levels 21-40 of those skills, academy 70+ to unlock technology levels 41-60 and 80 to unlock technology levels 61-80.
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        are you sure you have so much kyanite...?=_=

        after adv lvl 70 each lvl costs 100K+...and still now I only maxed my adv PATK lol
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          OP seems to me to just be curious on what lvls he needs to be at to unlock the upgrading for higher academy lvls since he most likely would've been maxed for the stats he intends to upgrade. He's not asking how much it'll cost to upgrade...although I think for the big cashers they probably would've maxed theirs by now seeing as mine's almost maxed for all the relevant stats and haven't really spend on any events/sales that might've gotten me more kyanite in the past couple of months...then again I've been playing for longer than most ppl so I suppose that kind of makes up for the gap in amount spent...
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