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2/5/2014 SC Event

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    All this dramma for a thread that was originally made to inform players..
    Spamming the forums with many threads will not make you wise.


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      Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
      Lol. Either you are new or you must've missed my posts. I've never said the events weren't scre wed up. Previously the events were at least giving the same rewards to all players (irregardless of casher or not they get the same stuff for each completion of the event, just that cashers happened to have $$$ to buy more resources to complete it more). Now that they've made a separate event for big casher and non-casher to medium casher, the rewards given at both events are not computed in a fair manner. The reason why the casher club in ProCity complained initially was cause the rewards given were not fair to all players in the first place (meaning they get nothing since they can't complete the event even once, while others can do it as many times as they have the resouce), but now that they made it possible for the same cashers to do the events, they've giving out way less rewards than the ppl who can complete the engrave event would get. I'm sure if one were to do a detailed calculation of how much more stats in awakened form one gets from upgrading a sylph to a higher grade using the free mahra and average it over stat/br gain per mahra consumed + gold used for astral upgrading + kyanite used for upgrading advanced academy vs stat/br gained per whip, I'm sure we will all know which group gets a higher gain.

      Personally I couldn't care less about the events, but I'm just pointing out the fact that the events were not designed fairly and there's a high chance those same casher club will have some disagreeable person who might kick up a fuss and cause events to be scr ewed up again. Seriously, they should just fire the event designer at ProCity. Whoever it is lacks a brain....they should've hired someone who is intellectually competent and possesses the basic level of common sense...
      hehe. Nah it's cool. I understand your point and you have a right to complain about the event given to you. I am just pointing out the fact though that if the roles were reverse and the soul engrave event was crappy and the soul exchange event was pretty awesome. If me or someone made a complaint about that we get the trolls coming in telling us to shut up, quit the game, you are being a greedy baby, etc. Seems a bit of favoritism runs in these forums, but I guess that's life as there favoritism everywhere around. Something to deal with. Well to get back to the point of the events I do agree that these events should be more balanced out. However, you will always get someone to think they are unfair. So there really no way to make people happy. Anyways though I think this event was chill. The exchange was pretty meh but I am sure you get something really awesome next event coming up. Like anichaos had pointed out the mount whip will probably be something godly for you. Where as the lower cashers and non cashers would be struggling since all whips have been spent to take full advantage of that.


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        Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
        Not all maxed SC players have maxed academy. Kyanite isn't exactly that easy to come by unless you are a relatively new player and spending more than is efficient just to be able to catch up to the older players. Maxing SC is easier than you think since being VIP alone and knowing the trick to scoring high pts in jewel hunt with just the free 20 attempts a day and a bit of luck on the lucky star can easily net you few k SC a month. Add in ToK NM chests and other sources of SC, you don't even need to spend any balens to get 6 - 8k SC a month. That's about 2+ lvls at the higher lvls of soul engraving. Furthermore, if you have been playing for a long time, you'd have been around during the months where there was unlimited events with event pieces and good exchange rate of SC to whips and whips back to SC. It'd have been easy to get 20k SC engraved per month during those months if you'd saved your resources properly if you're a good player who knows how to plan. I had gained almost 20 levels of engraving from the Dec and Jan events and the unlimited event during mid of last year without having to spend a single dollar.

        Also, having maxed SC doesn't = getting way more gold from wb. There are so many factors that affects the amount of gold one earns from wb. I'm one of the maxed SC players, but due to wb timing I can't attend any wb at all. So I'm already one of the evidence that proves your theory is wrong about maxed sc players getting more gold from wb. Even on the times I attend wb, I don't even use balen buff as me being an archer with a purple gaia, I can easily get top spot without using any buff unless someone else uses 100% balen buff + revives.

        Secondly, while we might've spent to get our sylphs to purple, not all of us spent to get them to orange as it really isn't worth the amount spent (at least to me). The benefits are very little for the amount you'd have to spend to get an orange, but that doesn't mean we don't want an orange sylph either. So if there's a chance to get Mahra for free, we'd obviously want to get it as well.

        Thirdly, maxed sc players does not equal maxed mount stat. While they may be like me with L8 stable, but our mount stats are far from max. Most of my stats are only about lvl 100++ while the max level for me is 400 (until I get more new permanent mounts). As for who is in more need of whips, there is no such thing. You're comment is just biased to non-casher cause you guys either can't spend or not willing to spend. But that doesn't give you any more right or need than us to whips. You're just saying that because you want the non-casher to close up on the gap that the cashers got by paying real $$$. I'm sure if it happens to you in real life like you spend 1M dollars to purchase a 10k sqm plot of land with a nice house by the sea, would you like it if someone else manages to get the plot of land with an equally nice house by the sea next to yours for free because a bunch of ppl protested to that land owner that he should favor the poor? Its not about the money spent here but rather what have they given to deserve it. Cashers at least have the excuse they paid real $$$ to deserve all that advantages. What do the rest have? time spent? effort? Cashers also put in those....presence as a player? A casher is also another player.

        Lastly, since you already seem to know the rough amount of mahra required, you should also know that even cashers will need mahra to upgrade their sylphs if its not already orange. Most cashers won't have 4 - 6 orange sylphs unlike Pipster/Zebq or any of those whales. At best we'd have 1 orange and rest will be purple. Why should we have to wait for only non-maxed players to get mahra and progress ahead of us in sylph upgrading since only they can do the events to get free mahra while we have to pay $$$ if we want to get any mahra? Why should we be the only ones to pay? let the others pay for mahra as well if they want =S

        Bottomline is, 80% of the things you say only applies to extreme casher who probably max in everything but astral and gem. The rest are far from it and probably only maxed SC and fate. We still need whips like all other players. We still need mahra and sepulchrums. If it was an event about the use of a different resource, then I won't have any comments about the rewards being different. But in this case, both events are dealing with the same resource here. Just that one event is catered for those who haven't maxed their SC and the other is for those who maxed their SC. Assuming that maxed SC players don't need mahra is just plain stupidity on the event designer as he/she failed to consider the majority and only focused on the minority which should be the case.

        Events at bare minimum should be designed for majority of the players to participate in and rewards should be distributed fairly to participating players and not discriminate against one group. Only exception is if the event is designed to be for top players (e.g. hall of fame (not referring to the one we had since it is a joke to call it hall of fame when almost everyone can meet the criteria rather than exceptional players only)), then they should have decent rewards only given to the top players. However, the person designing the events seemed to lack a brain since they failed to consider such details. The criterias, naming of event, rewards and goals of the events are not congruent in almost all of the events they designed so far. Have you ever heard of a hall of fame where millions of players out of a population of millions of player qualify for the rewards in any other decent games? The name itself would've suggested that only famous players should qualify for it. If every tom **** and harry qualify for it, then it should not be called hall of fame. If everyone is famous, then they should've picked the more famous among the famous and not award all the famous ppl as that is the same as rewarding all the common ppl. It should've been the top 100 in x-server br or top 100 in x-server mount str etc. That kind of criteria would've fit the event title much better than the joke we had (not to mention that due to setting such dumb criteria, it made them have more work in having millions of ppl who qualify and ensuring those same millions of ppl get their rewards, which I still see from time to time a few ppl who complained that they didn't receive their rewards).

        Having only soul engrave event is just as bad as having only SC exchange events. While they got it partially right with combining both events in the same month, they failed in the determination of correct amount of rewards. By giving the ppl who spend less more resources than the ppl who spent more (or ppl who happened to play the game more efficiently while not spending as much), they're telling the big spenders "thanks for being one of the dumb ppl who spend so much $$$ to pay our bonuses. We'll just give the free players/not so big spenders more things to create an illusion of catching up so we can milk more of your $$$". However, not all of them are idiots who can't see this and won't be happy about it. Just like last month only having an SC exchange event is also equally bad as it says "Please spend more $$$ even if you can't as we want more $$$ since our bonus is not as fat as we would've liked in the current financial year". If the rewards were given out equally to both groups (e.g instead of exchange 10SC for 2 whips, we exchange 100 SC for the same things as engraving 100 SC), ppl who spent more can't complain since they get the same amount as non-cashers while the non-cashers will still complain about cashers' spending giving them more resources which is purely based on the non-casher's own jealousy at not being able to be competitive on a monetary level. As the game model is designed to be a monetary competition, the event designer should at least have the decency to add value to the game by making events that makes the game interesting rather than pitting one group of players against another while making them do totally different things. That isn't an event but rather adding fuel to the fire...(sorry for the extreme wall of text but I just have that much stuff to say and I suck at keeping things short and sweet while keeping all the details intact)

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        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.