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so i just decided i will skip 60s pve set

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    Originally posted by ArtemisS58 View Post
    I dont think its possible with an 80k br team. One thing you absolutely need is at least 1 person in the frontline that can tank everything in the dungeon and be able to survive.
    i cant imagine anyone with 80k br being able to tank any of the bosses in the dungeon.
    then a proper healer and 2 archers continuously deep freezing (pretty much any br but should have enough hp to survive the aoes at least)
    It's been done, an 80k br knight with 90k hp, 13k mdef 19k pdef, but only has 21-22k patk w/around 2k block.


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      I skipped too 60 set but i had 50 set ... anyone in your team has??? Your br is low and you will need good healing and good rage to do LL NM full... without that could be two bosses and if lucky sometimes. I no see a lot of posibility of full for now :P


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        Im at 75k BR archer level 70, i skipped lvl 60 pve set too, i do LL nm everyday easy with a team of 2 archers at ~75k BR a mage at 85k and a knight at 90k, we can cleer it super easy, final boss is just time consuming, like a whole 7-9 minute battle, also as far as how will i be raising 100k insignia, I can do Tok nm for that, when its naked like today