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A massive server merge mods please read

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  • A massive server merge mods please read

    us west coast servers us east coast servers into one if possible and all oceanic europe ect ect to create massive collections of exp players and new cashers to create endless growth and competition and of coarse to revive some whose players are ether to new to few or have quit this will profit both players and shareholders for players this game is all bout gb wb and Class wars//aka Slyph wars lol and bigger guilds shareholders want more $ combining new servers into powerful servers will generate a overwhelming desire for new players to pay to grow rapidly and give the current powerhouse someone new to challenge . Mods please pass this to our main site at wartune at r2 if you believe this is possible and profitable

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    IMHO this would be the worst thing that could possibly happen.

    Your opinion of how this game works is severely skewed. Do you really think the "NORMAL" player will spend more to grow rapidly, when they know full well that they will never EVER be able to compete?

    Putting all the big fish together means that the smaller fish all die.
    Some whales in real life eat thousands of smaller fish each and every day, and the only reason the small fish still exist is that the Whale population is kept apart. They do not group together into 1 big herd. This is to sustain the population of their food source.

    The same can be said about this game. Put all the whales together and the little fishies are eaten up in a few days.


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      seriously, i'm on 23 west, the lag in cloud city, amethyst mines, and world boss is soo bad we can't even walk at times. its not just me, its the entire server. lag only happens around a lot of people and now you suggest to add more people? so we can just stand still and take 20 minutes to walk across the city? no, the solution to getting players and those who have quit to return is to stop making new servers weekly and start solving the problems in existing servers that have existed for months.