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    Originally posted by Rubberplayer View Post
    r u jealous with cashers? they just like the game so they bought something? how about u? i think u like to play the game but u really have no money to buy balens. it is same thing with game console. if there is a new game out for ps3 or xbox we buy it. it is same concept here. cashers just want to enjoy the game by paying to win.
    i am not against with big spenders but with the lucky unlucky things going on in the game. for example. a casher spend 200 boxes just to get a 20+ mount/or for hades. he did not get it. but a free player who opens only 2 or 3 boxes got from a free event got hades and sepulcrum. do u think it is fair for casher/vs non-casher? Casher dont whine as non-casher do. but R2 game a lot of free players upper hand in some event. good example was hades and apollo and wings in past events. i have seen a free player got 2 of those. but a casher spending 200 boxes did not have even single one of them
    r u jealous with non-cashers? they just play the game so they won something? how about u? i think u like to play the game and u really have alot of money to buy balens. Non-cashers just want to enjoy the game by having luck and wining something from time to time.

    I cannot belive you bash that guy and later you come with that ****. You need to realise that up to one point R2 p1sses on both cashers and non-cashers same way. There is no win situation for players, no matter their tag, just a win-win situation for providers/developers. And game started to be even worse lately due to heavy cashers that buy everything that R2 throws at them (no matter cost) and they come here to cry about same thing over and over again: why others get smth that they do not "deserve" as they spent no money on. And as a response , no more events for non-cashers that can bring not even 1 piece of lvl 1 cloth, not talking about smth more valuable than that.
    And you still have the hypocrisy to complain. Incredible...How about try the other side for a bit.
    And all this assumptions about ppl being so poor that cannot even afford a stupid. Some ppl just refuse to spend money in a game that has 100% greed and 0% concern/respect towards customers. Is matter of principle.
    For example, 1 year or more and the arena bug is not fixed, alot of problems ignored, game optimization is ****, each patch more problems. Lately they dont even bother with correct descriptions (so convenient). And lately less and less ppl give up on spending here. EVEN IF they like the game, is irrelevant. To like the game or to throw money in the toilet are 2 different things that don't relate. So they choose to take a attitude against all bad things that happent here. And considering that complaining on forums falls to blind eyes (dead ears) their only reaction is to stop paying entirely.

    Imo, make it P2P game and get over with.
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      Don't blame the player blame the system and the segregation they made between cashers and non cashers.
      East coast archer.


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        Sorry but some of you real have fun to fight only weak Players?If No or low casher get nothing first thing they left the game second if they remain they will be all real weak so no challenge all the money that spent you for nothing.And to be true so many no or low Casher with luck i don't see in this game.Most of them work real hard and go forward with near nothing most of the time.


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          Originally posted by Caballero1321 View Post
          The events aren't that bad. They are the same or even better than they used to be before sylph patches. Not mentioning, that they can't be the same as people get a lot more whips and sc nowadays.
          Not really... I remember when events gave you enough event tokens to get what you wanted, and not just stop at 30ish for 1 Mahra collect...

          Just look at next month, someone did a count, and you get up to 30ish event tokens.

          BUT, clothing takes 60+ event tokens...

          This means free players can no longer get free clothing like they used to 7+ month ago...

          Or even the free mounts from 5+ month ago...

          No matter what the events turn into now, it will not be "better than they used to be"... unless it start to give players enough tokens to reach more than 90 tokens like before or they start to give out mass amounts of rewards in term of SC or Whips

          Like engulfing 25 SC gives 1 Whip (from 7+ month ago events)