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posible lag fix in WB & other places with players

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  • posible lag fix in WB & other places with players

    so far i have seen the hide button in the cloud city lowers the lag alot in that city so why is it not in world boss so that way most of the lag would be gone to since it does not have to load each player there all the time and maybe olso in amynist mines to for those players that only want to mine can avoid lag on those mines due to to many players on them

    but ofc its the simplest way to let them decrease the lag in all those places but seem r2 dont care about the lag problems otherwise they would have done so long time ago

    tell me what you think
    love all ;Dreams
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    I was thinking the same thing about the amethyst mines! If we could hide players or if auto hide clothes on enter...something-or even 2 times a day to get the double instead of one time a day to reduce the lag...
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