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Help beating necro lvl15 as a Knight

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  • Help beating necro lvl15 as a Knight

    Can someone with a Knight give me some advice about this?

    I got arround 124kBR without pots or anything else, (120k hp+)

    wich skills should I use?

    Is there a video to help me?

    This boss is realy hard for knights (no DFs)

    What gems to use, astrals, anything that can help.

    (I have look in youtube, but there are videos of only mages or archers)


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    because no knight in the history of wartune has ever beaten necro

    cos they all suck
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    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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      try with WC and iris, but u must start with full rage and sylph. advice rage rune too


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        I beat lvl 15 necro at around 140k br unbuffed and it was still really close. I had to use gaia.. iris is pointless I tried it. The way I did it was start full rage. Start fight with blood rune then EDD, after that alternate between slasher and ult. slasher til next rune ready to use. During skill animation awaken and during awaken animation use brut rune. After that use strongest skill you have with gaia then delph with gaia (both of them skills are used with brut rune) then used another skill after that and switch back to self. Once back use blood rune again then delph and use slasher / ult. slasher and just hope you kill it before it kills you.

        Other things i didnt mention.. I stand behind troops. I use wd and just other basic astrals (didnt use illusion or regeration). I didnt change anything about my normal setup. Just used warriors call and pot/scroll everything I could. :P

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          I beat lvl 15-18 a few days before (cuz after CW don't want to waste the buff XD)

          my full buff + WC ~140K BR (base BR similar to yours), I am using gaia (only blue 5 star not investing on it much)

          my set up: brutal rune, heal rune, apollo shield, DD, S, US

          before the boss AoE put up apollo shield so the troop can survive longer, and when boss AoE use a skill + awaken + rune so the debuff will disappear

          after awaken...easy, just use all the gaia skill XD

          with RES system should be easier, the boss only hit me for 15K if I block (before it is 40K if I don't block =_=)

          iris....not prefer, necro really need speed kill
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            ty for all ur help, will try this when i get keys to spare