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World Boss and Atoll "Show other players option"

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  • World Boss and Atoll "Show other players option"

    Just a suggestion to make the option "Show other players" available in World Boss And Atoll. Most in World Boss than Atoll tho.


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    they show by default, you probably want to hide them


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      Originally posted by noob9841 View Post
      they show by default, you probably want to hide them
      yep thats exactly that i want. Thats why i used " " to wite "Show other players" options: becouse the "Show other players" options can hide them.
      You can hide othe Players in City using Show other players wich is something like an eye icon in the top right menu.
      is that clear? :P


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        well at least tell them the right thing to put on the button. don't encourage their horrible english. make a "hide players" button. i would never use a "show players" button because i don't want to see them

        even better, hide all players by default everywhere and then have a "show players" button. also, turn off the stupid music and sound fx by default
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          Your are annoying. Dont you boy?


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            wow i see why you don't take issue with their english. you don't make any sense at all


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              yes, you are annoying :P


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                Atoll is pvp zone, you can attack others there. So no hide option. In WB it would be good.
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                  This has been posted on a number of times but here is the thread i had made for this exact feature.
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