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TOK mount + add

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  • TOK mount + add

    Is there any reason for gettin cards in TOK? i have almost 2 k in vault but there is no mount for them in year as i play! only dragon which everyone got ages ago. you should add new mount/s for TOK even if it means collecting another 2K cards to synthesize it

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    ToK revision

    There should definitely add a new mount for ToK, but I would also add a temporary mount.

    The first ToK mount was 800 souls, the second should be 1600 and add some nice stats, like a +40. I mean we are working our *** off to kill the top cross-server players over and over again, every day...

    They should also revise the rewards from the boxes that drops in ToK...honeslty who really need Crystalloids for lvl 60 gear once you do ToK Hard on a normal basis...and don't tell me you can synth those into lvl 70 crystalloids...

    I would suggest a temporary mount for ~500 shards and a +20 stats. I would make it last 14 days though, 7 days is too short. (seriously the temporary mount obtained from exchanging the 25 mount Spirits is a nonsense, should make it last at least a month)


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      The TOK will be removed frome the game so i dont think any more mount will come.
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