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Which stats to level on Sylphs

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  • Which stats to level on Sylphs

    Hello, recently I hit lvl 50 and got my sylphs, and i asked some ppl which stats is best to lvl.

    So i've heard 2 ways, (Pure Attack) , and (Attack/Endurance).

    They both said Armor was useless. They say it doesnt give BR. While Endurance does. So is armor really that useless to lvl?

    So out of those 2 ways, which is best way to lvl the stats?

    Also should Pure Attack sylphs only be used for people who spend alot of Balen? or does it work well for anyone?

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    armor is good for sylph arena, i pump my iris up with it, no good for pvp though
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    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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      As a mage, go Hades or Amazon Queen and put it all into attack.

      You can always farm spec to raise your stats anyways, so pure attack sylph is independent of balens or not.
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