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CLEARED: Necro Lv 25

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  • Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
    pfft...I didn't cash to beat you. In fact I don't even need to cash to beat you. As for the videos, you're the one who brought it up and yet you don't want to make them. Aren't you kind of shooting yourself in the foot here? Also I doubt any videos that you can make will be of any use to me. You haven't proven that you have any sort of knowledge or skills that I don't already know nor have you proven yourself to be best any anything. Those screenshots of yours aren't that rare either. I can easily find a few of my guildies who are also non-cashers and have better stats than you.

    And also thanks for proving my point that you're self delusional and thinking the world revolves around you since you're the only person who thinks all cashers must have feelings of inadequacy only to you nor do they need help from videos that only you can make. I really wonder why you even bother posting that to show that you agree implicitly that you're flawed as a human being yet trying to act superior and perfect to others =P Maybe its because you're not getting enough recognition in RL that you bother to try so hard in the virtual world and open yourself up for even further avenues of flaming/trolling?
    @Athena: dont feed the troll... lol

    btw: if there is totally ZERO casher or heavy cashers then it will be a year to beat nightmare dungeon.
    @HELLRAlSER : ^. look the sentence about ok?. Dont said u havent been helped by a casher for nightmare dungeon.


    • Originally posted by R27537271 View Post
      @Athena: dont feed the troll... lol

      btw: if there is totally ZERO casher or heavy cashers then it will be a year to beat nightmare dungeon.
      @HELLRAlSER : ^. look the sentence about ok?. Dont said u havent been helped by a casher for nightmare dungeon.
      Am not attacking "the cashers". In fact some of my best friends in game are cashers and they happen to be good players too. I was helped to unlock GoD nm and ToK nm, see so few that I remeber exactly. This convo was derailed beyond saving long time ago(by Brutal_Hobo and its my fault too for falling for it), athena said something can't be done by free players and i said it can, also i know he/she/it is a freakin noob. (Also lol at athena's reply, yes noob you do need to cash to beat me, and no you wont find better stats on a 8month free player).

      Believe what you will but if I wanted any credit (or fame) for anything I would have not scratch out my name. I wrongfully believed this would prove the point that athena statement was wrong. Anw am done here, and i apologise i let noobs get the best of me.
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      • Hellspawn aka Hellraiser aka Hellspawnn? :P
        Lvl 80 Crit Mage, 298K BR, Aegis ***** G.M. Hells-Gate


        • Originally posted by noob9841 View Post
          so many tiny weiners stabbing and thrusting at each other at once

          it's hilarious to see

          how did you know?
          ugh, i need to keep my personal life secret
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          Guild: Black Lotus
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          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
          but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


          • Originally posted by HELLRAlSER View Post
            You sound pretty sure, are u that sure?

            Damn, you are of low IQ. Am the one, meant the type of player. And am not playing to catch up on anyone. If i did i wouldnt be playing this type of game, but a real competitive game. Anw why do I bother this is derailed beyond saving.
            One does not need to have any IQ to see thru your **.

            Are you trying to insult me to move attention towards something else?
            You have to come up with something better, your pathetic attempt to it makes me laugh even more.


            • pfft...I'm quite sure I won't be the only one who will beat you even after you get 80% dryad in bg. If you're that good, you'd have killed me with 50 - 60% dryad already. Many ppl in bg have done that before, but it seems you're one of the few who can't. Makes it hard for me and the others on my team who witnessed your apparent lack of skills during group arena to believe that you have any skills at all. In fact the team you saw me with in arena, one of them was a non-casher as well and yet he helped thrashed your team so forgive me if I'm totally unable to believe you possess any amount of skill that can beat me had I been a non-casher.
              IGN: Athena
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              Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
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              Difficulty Level: Noob
              BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)