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    Originally posted by noob9841 View Post
    it's totally fixable if you spend 7 bucks on vip and level up academy, town hall, gold production, and then dump all gold into guild skills (provided you are in a decent guild) and then astrals

    level up gold academy skills and appropriate skills (pdef, mdef, whatever you need) and focus on a decent sylph
    You don't even need VIP. Just wait a few months or maybe a year and your academy and buildings will be sufficiently upgraded. Don't try to compete in cross-server events, just slowly level up. If you're 67, you should have 60 jewels and rings; if you don't, just blitz Catacombs and get your Crypt Tokens. Use Talents to keep yourself at 67. Save your bound balens for wings or rods. Patience will bring you (almost) the exact same results as a rushing casher.
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      Non casher should focus on the PVE side of the game, not the cant compete in the pvp for titles.


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        I'm going to quit school since I can't go to Harvard. All the rich kids are so lucky that they just get to go. I can't pay the prices, so I won't go to any school. Never mind that I got all C's in high school. It's their fault for having such high prices and rich students who can buy their way in. They should make it equal for everybody.

        If you set your mind to it, you can compete. But it's personal responsibility to say, yeah...maybe i screwed this up a bit. And it takes time and effort to make it happen with what's available. You can still do plenty good, if you do it correctly.
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          Slow leveling partially works till lv 69 and at some extent lv 74 after that no matter how longer you've camped 75+ you're food for people that is able to spend.
          Stop ♥ so much over slow leveling.
          It works to slay people that is rushing levels on GA and BG nothing else.
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            read. learn how many people are playing without investments and achieve results.
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              As a non-casher, you compete or at least common sense says you should compare yourself with other non-cashers. Monster cashers compete with others like them, not with you. You will never be equal or close to it. All this cashers vs. non-cashers war is amusing in its stupidity.


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                Originally posted by cblue456 View Post
                As a non-cash player, having to compete equally, not divisively, against those who do shell out cash for this game, is there any incentive for us non-cashers to keep playing?
                I'm seriously thinking of leaving.
                You have chosen the wrong publisher to deal with. R2Games runs a ruthless cutthroat capitalist environment. So don't compete against cashers. Instead, change your priorities and expectations for this game. I changed mine and am happier for it. Since I can't beat the money pumpers in terms of time and money, I avoided competing against them.

                Just make sure you're strong enough for multiplayer dungeons , solo dungeons, catacombs, tormented necropolis and the occasional tank trials. Hide in Twilight Sands when you can (it's great for peace of mind. I discovered that quite by accident when I was about to quit the game ).

                Avoid BG if at all possible unless you're sure you can beat 80% of the players there. Also avoid Amethyst Double Time if the stronger players keep on hitting on you unless you want them to farm you for crystals. Just follow these guidelines and things shouldn't turn out too bad for you.
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