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Archers Double shot CON = Fail = OUCH

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  • Archers Double shot CON = Fail = OUCH

    after doing WB every time since i started playing 4 days after game release i always notice a Drop in my rage towards the end of my cycle, and i always wondered why for i am spamming Arrowstrike like crzy to BUILD rage but yet my rage was DROPPING. i have figured out why!!


    The "second"strike of the archer actually requires Rage and is Unnoticible if u are to crit on the ëxtra shot" if u do normal damage with this ur rage actually drops. taking you longer to get that snipe out. sometimes it takes a round and a half to get a good snipe out.

    so our "free" extra shot is not free at all....

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    ya... wondering so much how my rage drop a bit. thanx for bringing this up.
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      Can be solved by doing the lazy style

      Start the battle with the spamming multi>spamm for qte so when black screen is gone, tada multi about to fire.

      Then leave it to a**o itself, it'll shoot t***e a**o shots anyways, so just lean back & watch.

      ^The lazy archers way of WB.

      Far to many hints hidden >.<
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