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  • Arena suggestion

    As it is today arena is very unfair for most people, in fact the way it is now will hurt the long term life of the game, as probably will deter new players from joining servers and make people who cant compete with top players give up in frustration. My suggestion is to make the system tiered and ladder system. (tiered to make it more fair and ladder to make it seem less boring and repetitive and actually give a hint of how good the teameplay of a team is)

    Make it tiered so the matching is somewhat fair, every 5 levels after lv 22 make a different tier (level 22-26, 27-31, etc).

    Once a team registers for competition that team is locked, if any member dc's or quits a doppelganger version of the player joins instead (AI controlled copy of the missing player(s)).

    Allow 5minutes for teams to be formed and after that randomly match them, if the number of teams aren't enough to match all then match some teams with doppelganger versions of other teams in their tier. So probably in worse case some teams might get lucky and get matched to AI teams in round 1 or 2. Also match up teams that loose between them so a final classification can be more accurate and allow more than 1 match even for loosing teams (wont affect rewards a lot just make it fun and training).

    Set the rewards different for each tier and final place in the ladder, but don't make the gap too big, I'd suggest a 1:5 ration between the 1st place and the last one. (e.g. in the first tier (level 22-26) winner gets 100 and last team gets 20) and increase the rewards by 10% to 20% with each tier. Also only allow a player to sign in to a competition one time a day, so the amount of rewards doesn't unbalance the game.

    Add special rewards for winners of every tier, from lv 2-3 gems, skeleton keys, special seeds to lower level tiers, to crypt keys, socketing rods or other rewards that could be suited (not too many rewards as it would unbalance a bit the game, just something to make it worth to compete for top spot).

    What would this achieve? Keep more players in a server, I know every company just wants paying players, but let's face it making an unsustainable game will in the long run cut the revenues by making the game's life shorter. Free players don't produce money directly, but a game with healthy server population will in fact attract more paying players. This game has a lot of potential then just be the usual make countless servers and close after a while game.

    Also would be nice to make a inter-server version of the arena once a week maybe. Just to spice things up and give top players something to look forward to (maybe allow players who came top 3 in at least one of the daily arena to compete in those just to give something unique to them and an incentive for others to level up and get stronger) and maybe make special rewards, like gems that could be combined to regular ones to make them stronger, upgrades for equipment to make them slightly stronger but give them special looks that stand up from the crowds, upgrades to catacombs ring/jewelery (still require them in the process to make so it doesn't make catacombs absolete) maybe with a twist, like adding levels to some skills (active skills) or special effects to some skills (e.g. give a pdef debuff to mage skills or mdef to warrior/archer skills to make them more versatile in arena but not great in solo arena or pve).

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    interesting aspect to look at indeed.

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