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Do the devs really expect people to..

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  • Do the devs really expect people to..

    I wonder do the devs really expect people to sit at a certan level for possibly months to get a few pieces of gear? I know alot of people do this but it seems like a waste for some flash game. I think it all needs to be sped up, anyone agree? like lv 50 gear needing 80 crystaliods insted of the stupid batcrap insane 200. Lower 40 gear to like 20-40 crystaloids per piece.

    There needs to be some limit as to how pay2win the game is, because its getting pretty rediclous lately. I think gear aquisition should be sped up, its not really the gear where alot of the br comes from anyway. From what I have noticed gear is only a small portion of BR.

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    If you want to speed up, you can buy crystaloid packs when they are on sale. Unfortunately this is pay2win.
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      if u think lvl 40-50 gear takes too long u should probably quit. lvl 70 takes 400. thats just the way the game is no way to change it
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        if you want to speed it up buy the loids


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          It was sped up a good bit when MPs were reduced to 1/day.
          Also key runs. Also don't get every set.

          70 set may take a ton of loids, but it was not crazy since you'd still finish the set before you hit 80. With the exp reduction, that may no longer be the case.