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  • Sky Trail

    I have a question about sky trail...if we complete Lv 1 all 10 stages and get rewards, tomorrow after reset can we make same Lv with stages and get again reward or can only make our Rating A or S better?

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    As I understood it, you can redo all non-S rated stages but you'll get significantly smaller rewards. Like 150k xp/gold.

    You can also do level 2 :P


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      from what the guide said, you get nothing if you redo any of the stages you cleared. Only time you get rewards is if you redo and get a S rank assessment and after that, the stage gets locked.
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        that's not entirely accurate.

        if you clear a stage and get an "S" completion, then yes the stage gets locked.

        But if you clear it, without the "S", then you get a large reward the first time. You may go back to try and get an "S" again after it, and if you still clear it but don't get the "S", you get something like 50K exp and 50K gold. So you get a small incentive to keep trying for the "S" achievement, but nothing like the 1.5M gold you get the first time.
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