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unfair to knight and even mage ?

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    Originally posted by Setsuna88 View Post
    i dont get why people still think knights are op in endgame pvp. this was true for 1v1 pvp before sylphs came out maybe... now its rather balanced. in group pvp mages are still and have always been n1 cause of their heals and aoe's. for endgame the only pvp that actually matters is guild battle (mage op, or even archers for attacking ward) and cw (class doesnt matter). thats my opinion anyway.

    edit: i cant tell how it will be with advanded skills. i still didnt see all of the knight skills yet. but slow for ST sounds really good.
    Yeah, I'm talking about 1v1 pvp. I don't do group pvp ever, and I am terrible at it, lol.

    Main reason I say knights are OP at 1v1, even with slyphs, is that they will be going into slyph mode in the best position hp-wise. Usually that is what determines fights now. Troops are a nonissue, so that doesn't slow them down. 1v1 without troops, they have the best defs, more blocks, block heals, and eggshel.

    They have slyphs, too. So it should take them less hits to kill you than you them.


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      Originally posted by adetayo View Post
      Sylph doesn't take your best attack as a base, it takes your attack rating as a base(whether matk or patk). Knight sylph delphic isn't stronger than other class' sylph delphic, unless of course the knight has more patk.
      you just contradicted yourself, and you're wrong.


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        archers do have it easier for a lot of things, but each class in my opinion has different strong points and weak points. if someone is going to quit just because their class doesn't have all the advantages, then they obviously don't enjoy the competitive aspects of the game. mages/knights can still compete steadily with archers with some extra work.


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          Wish I didn't spent on my Mage now.. I know mage gets an update later which ups their def and hp, but yeah, mage has trash for single target damage ability.


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            I don't think anyone is denying that in PvP, it's essentially rock-paper-scissors-creditcard between the classes. The issue it feels like is that with so many aspects of the game being PvE(WB, Necro, Sky Trail, MPD, etc). Archers excel far more than the other classes. Being able to slow and remove buffs is essential the higher you get, and being able to heal while still dealing damage(not wasting a turn to heal) helps even more.

            Factor in the higher WB earnings(Especially since the recent WB change), and Archers can train astrals, troops, and now also clothing even faster/easier. Sure feels like Archers are wartune's love child :P


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              Originally posted by Scyris View Post
              Wish I didn't spent on my Mage now.. I know mage gets an update later which ups their def and hp, but yeah, mage has trash for single target damage ability.
              As much as I enjoy playing mages, they really do have an extreme disadvantage by being the kings of area of damage. THier delphonic is by far their worst skill to have. Unlike the delphonics of other classes, the mage's delphonic is only good for 2 things, Arena (party) and guild battles. One may argue, they are good for PVE, but that is a falsity. Small fry in any PVE aspect of the game are like troops, relatively easy to kill by anyone. Even in spire a mage's delphonic would only have 2 uses where the rage cost is remotely justified. Thus for all purposes an area delphonic is utterlly worthless, when mages need a strong single target skill to do anything remotely useful when alone.


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                That may be true, but there is one downfall to being an archer: You actually have to be an archer....
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                  Originally posted by Billy_McF View Post
                  Please explain how archers get an S rating easier?

                  As far as I am aware the best way to get an S rating is to wait till boss is nearly dead then Delphic/Sylph delphic for massive end damage.
                  As knights have by far the strongest Delphic attacks in the game, it stands to reason that it will be easier for them to gain an S rating.

                  Same goes for sylph delphics, as the sylph takes your toon's best attack as a base and adds to that. So knights sylph delphics are stronger than the other classes also.
                  First, you're misinformed about Slyphs. Their attack %s aren't buffed by the base class. It's their ATTACK RATING that is added to the base-characters best stat, either MATK or PATK.

                  Most importantly though, a Knight's Delphic attacks are 3 and 5 hits respectively. So when a Knight's EDD is doing 220k Damage, each attack is doing about 50k - 55k. In PvE, the last of those hits that kills it ENDS THE ATTACK. So if a Knight had a Sky Trail enemy down to 1 HP, and did a potentially 220k EDD, it would only do about 50k - 55k Damage in killing the enemy - which is never enough to get the "S rating. A Mage's Thunderer at least will do the full 150k damage for relatively equal attack. An Archer's Delphic Sniper will similarly do around 200k in one shot, because they've got a 10% damage boost after base damage calculation. 345% * 1.1 = 379.5%. Knight's absolutely rely on a Sylph to get the "S" Ratings in the Sky Trail, especially in the 2nd level.

                  And Archers also get another 10% Damage boost with Advanced Class Skills, so that big hit of theirs is going to now go up to an equivalent of 414% Damage, right about on par with the Knight's 430% EDD when you consider that Delphic Sniper also gives a +20% Crit Percentage on top of the Class +20% to Crit Stat. Yeah, Mage's get a 400% AoE, but the 100 Rage Cost w/ no CD Reduction (unlike Delphic Sniper being only 80 Rage and EDD getting CD Reduction) makes it prohibitive, not to mention the worst Rage Regen or, if a Mage chooses to buff it, the loss of using Rage Runes.


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                    Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
                    lately, the game is more and more for archer : WB, Necro, Sky ...
                    i'm afraid of losing people who quit because they are knight or mage

                    i'm archer myself
                    I'm hoping sometime soon the Mire rune is introduced to the Rune Exchange events. It would even the playing ground quite a bit.
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                    Retired, but still lurking forums.


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                      i hope it too. but even so, it will be probably a costly upgrade rune. so it will take a lot of tank (finger pain...) to upgrade it.
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                        lol i started this game from laqst 14months i never thought archer as a class only two classes knight and mage they are glory to wartune when u compare to archer they are just cheer people :P :P :P i dont least bother when i loose to archer as a mage i just think its wartunes mistake to make archer class :P :P


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                          Originally posted by Zorich View Post
                          First, you're misinformed about Slyphs. Their attack %s aren't buffed by the base class. It's their ATTACK RATING that is added to the base-characters best stat, either MATK or PATK.
                          Acutally, when in awakened form, the sylph uses your base atk, and a multiplier is applied, based on sylph's growth rate.
                          See more detail on how sylphs work on this wartune blog
                          My blog about how to build the strongest character in Wartune using a minimum amount of balens: