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R2 Games What a cheap shot

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  • R2 Games What a cheap shot

    HI all.. I ussually do not complain about things BUT THIS REALLY IS A RIP OFF BY R2.... On may5 guild battle was about to start so our Guild potted and scrolled up ... and then the other folded and we won by default... so ya figure great we win....But here is the the part that sucs...WE GOT NO REWARDS.... so ya figure it is a bug ...send ticket to support... There first response was you guys are liars are not listed in guild battle lol....Right Number 1 guild on server and not in guild battle lmao.. so send back reply... then they say ok can you send in a screenshot....of course this was 2 days later... my time machine was loaned out so I could not take a screenshot of may 5th... so there next response more or less was beat it and and quite writing us ....Of course I am a casher and that really bothered me and still does... all we were asking for was what was due us for a GB win 700 insigs and 700 honor... but of course R2 is to cheap and thinks they will go bankrupt if they do that.... Well I think it is about time that they start treating us with a little more rerspect... WE PAY FOR THIS GAME they sure take our money QUICK ENOUGH but fail to right a wrong.... This happens alot here at R2.....
    So here is my suggestion SToP RECHARGING let them lose money for awhile lets remind the that the custumer comes first and not their inflated Wallets
    If anyone would like a copy of the responnes mail that support sent Plz e-mail me @ and I will be happy to forward it to ya and plz post to this thread good negative or positive
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    yea i loved being told to take video of the guild battle 23hrs AFTER it ended.then it was you weren't in after mentioning being #1 every week and having a higher br than 5-8 combined they then asked for ss of the in mail stating gb results only to say sorry to your guild but grats on the win


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      It is not a bug. If the other guild has disbanded or hasn't set any participants, you will win but with no rewards. That's how it's always been and that's how it's intended.
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        so when do you get your time machine back?
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        but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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          Originally posted by EsmeWeatherwax View Post
          It is not a bug. If the other guild has disbanded or hasn't set any participants, you will win but with no rewards. That's how it's always been and that's how it's intended.

          I was pretty sure it happened multiple times back 7+ month ago when the other guild never show up, zero people on the other side, but yet we can still attack Ward Tower and win with rewards.

          When was this changed?

          (that or maybe the other guild stealth participated? LOL)


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            happened to my guild too , no one on other guild showed up at the guild battle , we won and got rewards 1000 shame ( its shame from now on ) and insignia ,

            stop lying r2 , better back up your lies , , many players have seen this .