I understand that Dragonsoul is like gemology and I understand the concept of devouring thru 1-click.

Here's what got me frustrated...

1. I read the help section on DS, I understand the strong souls devours weak, however there should be a exception to that. I would like to drag my useless soul to a soul I want and have it devoured. However no matter how I drag it, strong or weak to the other, the useless soul will try to devour the one I want. That needs tweaking.

2. There should be a 'locked' option for souls u don't want to devour when 1-clicking. So that souls you want to work on in the future will still be there.

3. Sort button only sort thru the souls your main/hero can use and by rank, not by element. Should also put the souls in order so that if you have 3 of one soul, they will be next to each.