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How to choose the right Resistance Crystal

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  • How to choose the right Resistance Crystal

    Dear Forum,,

    Till now I'm still dont get it how to choose the right Resistence Crystal for my char..?/ Are they based on sylph what I've got or what..
    And what the right thing to matches the Res Crys to the shields (like wooden shield, Iron shield, coopershiled, silver & gold shield)..
    Any advice to help..??!!

    PS: I'm Archer with Gaia, Iris & Pan Sylphs

    Thanks anyway..

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    resistance crystals reduce damage taken from sylphs so its all dependent on what sylphs u face the most. and the different shields don't do anything special.....they just give space for more crystals since you cant put the same crystals twice in the same shield just like with equipment


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      you wanna increase the resistance against elements that your enemies are using most of the time (remember that ALL attacks of a player are based on the element of their sylph). i think electro,dark,light is best for pvp (you can place one of each type in each shield). for mage cw id take fire instead of light. some (or even all?) pve monsters attack with elements too, like in sky trial. so you can work towards beating them by using the proper resistance crystals.


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        the shields are just slots to put crystals in. they have no function whatsoever besides that. So you can slot them the way you please.
        your current resistance is based on your sylph you're currently using: for example when you have gaia you have automatically 200 resistance from electro. Meaning you get less dmg from other gaia.

        The crystals are the resistance you want to increase so you get less damage from players and sylphs (and 80 mp/sky trail). You could base your crystals on that.

        When you're in tok and someone is dressed they usually have gaia or apollo. So electro and light crystals are the best.
        for pvp: gaia/apollo/hades and sometimes amazon and iris are used.
        For 80 mp: you might wanna add fire resistance because of the last boss.