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    Matching on this game has there ever been any i think not sort it out idiots

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    Originally posted by R210859511 View Post
    Matching on this game has there ever been any i think not sort it out idiots
    What matching are you talking about?
    I see at least 3 different options:
    1. Battleground team squads.
    2. Cross server arena.
    3. Class Wars.
    1. BG - no idea how it works, but situations where 1 team is overpowered and 2nd one isn't aren't that often. Also, you can leave BG and rejoin it after 5 mins (as long as it's not within the last 5 mins of BG).
    2. Arena - matching is level-wise and it's the best solution, in my opinion. This way, we have higher chance to match people with similar equipment and BR (as long as you haven't rushed with levels too hard and aren't 30k BR on lvl. 70 ). Situations where you meet people 10-15 levels higher happen only in case there are no teams available within your and their level range.
    3. Class Wars - plain simple. The more you win, the more points you get, the most likely it is you get matched vs. someone strong. One can be unlucky and match some monsters who just happen to have same amount of kills as you do. One can meet some lower guys who killed some even lower guys.