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Buy limit of events box

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  • Buy limit of events box

    Removing purchase limit from month box that is 200 per day. Some countries may not be paid salary every week like the U.S. Some countries may only charge one time per month I get money on the 19th of this month and some get 27 depends on the birthday man is born in this country. And event ends on the 19th, and 200 box is not enough to hold me to take advantage of every events. Make them unlimited buy so we get paid 1 time a month has the same chance that the countries who get paid per week to be able to take part in events.

    Or you see to the box sales to atless 21th everymonth and exchange to 22th So i can get part of buy the box 19 20 21

    600 box is atless what man need for get 220 x events itmes. 200 is not even close and make it not nessery to take part of first months events. Only the secounds part.
    Last edited by flummarn; 05-11-2014, 04:06 PM.