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    Well Elyth not to put u out there but I seen u stripped 3 times but left astrals on. Also u can like they said remove something if u cant be on to strip. Aint that big a deal to do when u leave. for those who don't think it's a big deal guess u don't understand how to help younger players is what were trying to do. Insignia is hard for a lot to come to if ur not 79 or 80 u need as much as u can get. I see a lot of guys who can't get medallions cuz can't spare it. Not everyone gets to gb more then 1 time a week cuz of big guilds. So point is trying to do something nice for lower lvls and elythra just made it difficult. Even if they rotate stun wont matter at lvl 4 and 5 the boost are to much for some so just remove some stuff we all know ur tough and strong don't need to be top 4 if u cant help out.


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      bum bum head elyth


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        relax, my man. i know she made you upset, but you dont have to bash her yourself. let us in the forum did that in your place.
        we here appreciated what you did by stripping for us, so thanks a lot!
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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          lets give elyth a cookie for each time she strips, then it might get to her head......hehe


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            There is no obligation or requirement on or by anyone to strip.

            Calling players out for not stripping, or otherwise bad mouthing them is not permitted.

            Thread closed.
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