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Suggestions: A list of smaller ones and the ultimate exchange shop!

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  • Suggestions: A list of smaller ones and the ultimate exchange shop!

    These would probably not influence the game in a significant way, but would make the game much more enjoyable, in my opinion. They do not include obvious updates, such as new tanks, the Guild Quarry and the new amethyst mount. Some of them might have been mentioned before.

    • Remove the blessing wheel. Instead, make all skills give 200% bonus stats. OR
    • Remove the blessing wheel. Instead, make it cost a static 10k kyanite daily.

    • Remove all rarities of the Aegis Major astral and the Refined Blessed Health.
    • Increase the chance of obtaining all yellow and red astrals significantly.
    • Increase the cost of clicking on a planet to get an astral significantly (10x?).
    • Increase the XP gained when merging astrals significantly (10x?).
    • Increase the trigger chance of the deflection and regeneration astrals with level (55% + 5% per level for a total of 100%).
      • Decrease their damage/healing to 1% per level for a total of 10%. Remove the damage/healing cap.

    • Make a points exchange for PvP points. You can only buy two mount spirits per week (they should cost max 1k pts each).
    • Make an exchange for BG shards. Add some of the new tokens to the old rewards (Imperial Seals, Berdim's Wines, Signet Training).
    • Make it possible to enter Battlegrounds at every other full hour and half-hour.

    Circuit Quests
    • Change Sylphbuster quests into: Collect 10 sylph essences (essences disappear through the quest).
    • Reset the current Quest daily instead of weekly (the quest count to 200 still resets weekly).

    Daily Devotion
    • Increase all rewards for the devotion. At least 10 sc, 5 whips, 5 runestones, 2 fate stones and add some of the new tokens.

    • Make as many events unlimited as possible.
      • Some events that could work this way:
        • Get 3 kills in a bg. You may only redeem this once per hour.
        • Finish a multiplayer dungeon. If you have used your attempt to finish it, you may claim the event item. (if not, you may still claim whatever smaller reward is currently awarded with the event item)
        • Fight a world boss 5 times.
        • Complete 5 jewel hunt attempts.
        • Redeem a Legendary Treasure Map.
        • Complete 3 stages in the Sky Trail.
        • Catch 5 fishes.
        • Plant a kyanite seed. Depending on it's duration, you may redeem one of the 3 offered rewards.
        • Duel 5 times in the arena (both Solo and Multiplayer).
    • Change events so that (example of current events):
      • Someone who visits daily but cannot participate in all events should be able to get 30-40 event items to exchange for 40 Mahra.
      • Someone who plays daily but misses a few events should be able to get 60-70 items to exchange for more tokens or some clothing (or whatever are the next best rewards).
      • Someone who plays daily, collects items, maximizes his gains should be able to get 90-100 event items to exchange for lots of tokens and any clothing he wants except for perhaps wings.
      • Someone who pays can get whatever he wants in any amount he wants. The "monthly item" such as a new mount or a very rare piece of clothing should cost anywhere from 180 to 480 event items, depending on its value.

    • Auto-plant plants as long as the player has them in his inventory - select a plant type and a slot and plant it.
    • Increase Farm level bonuses.

    Guild Tree
    • To add some flavor, it not only gives XP but also heals. It now gives the same amount of health in hp pots as XP.
    • The guildmaster can now set the timer for the tree that the whole guild can see and doesn't have to be there to summon it.

    Guild Wheel
    • If you're going to keep XP books, add XP scrolls in the same slot.
    • Add Imperial Seals.
    • Add the option to get more potions at once (for example, 2x lvl 3 Endurance potion).
    • Remove Daru.
    • Add Kyanite, Runestones and Fashion Shards.
    • Add the option of getting more whips (2, 4) and soul crystals (10, 15).

    Multiplayer Dungeons
    • While not using attempts, you gain 1k xp per level and 500 gold per your level (for level 80 this is 80k xp, 40k gold) at the end of the dungeon if 4 people participated. If 2 or 3 people participated, you get half those rewards. If it was just you, you get nothing.
    • While using attempts, you gain Completion Shards of a dungeon type. You may exchange 3 Completion Shards together with 3 other people who exchange the same shards to get rewards from that same multiplayer dungeon instantly (Crystaloids, Legendary Stones, XP, Mystery Chest). This uses your attempt for the day.

    Sky Trail
    • Make a stage blitzable or the rewards from a repeated win obtainable without fighting.
    • Increase rewards for replaying stages at higher levels.

    • Add the option to make other players invisible in the Amethyst, Atoll and World Boss areas.
    • Remove the orange astral announcements, except for leveling them to lvl 8 or higher.
    • Add the option to create a new chat feed - for example to hide the system messages from the all chat.
    • Remove Wheel of Fate. Add 2 fate stones to daily devotion, as noted above.
    • Show the crit and block chances against opponents of the same level while hovering over those stats. Explain these stats better.

    + bonus:

    The Great Exchange Market
    • A market with the sell and buy options: Sell things like insignias, sc, whips, crypt tokens, fate stones, crystaloids and legendary stones to obtain Market Credit.
    • Use Market Credit to buy things like gold, daru, sc, whips, fate stones and fashion shards.
    • The Market should sell at high prices, buy at low. For example, by selling fate stones and trying to buy them again you should lose at least 50% of the fate stones (depending on the items that can be bought and sold).
    • Optional: Make the prices of items vary depending on how many people sell and buy. For example: when heavy cashers star selling their fate stones or soul crystals because they don't need them anymore, their price gets lowered (to a certain limit, of course).

    The idea behind these changes:

    Reducing the randomness in the game as much as possible and introducing better rewards for effort. Reduce the effort required to finish all events, as their number increases. Remove unnecessary events. Make events give rewards proportional to the time and effort invested.

    And finally:

    Tell me if you agree with these suggestions! Tell me what wouldn't work, what should be changed a bit and what could really help!

    Concerning the poll: 10 options were the maximum, so I didn't include the Academy, the MPD and the Guild Tree, which I consider to be lesser changes. If you have any comments about them, feel free to post them.
    Circuit Quests
    Daily Devotion
    Guild Blessing Wheel
    Sky Trail
    Great Market
    They all suck
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    alot of work u had there, doubt they even care to read this, or even if they will i dont think nothing will changed,