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treasure map attempt increase limit to 10

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  • treasure map attempt increase limit to 10

    i suggest this bec 5 attmpt is too short.. im longing for more battle.. ^_^

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    No, just No.

    Removing the treasure hunt altogether is a better option in my opinion.


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      not more attempts, but better reward


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        yeah.. make it 1 attempt with 5x reward too much stuff to do in a day!

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          5 is more than enough. especially because 90% of people (at least on our server) don't care about any treasure map and to set up the party is a nightmare (or better said luck).

          even better would be to add resistance crystals to treasure hunt where we are getting chests with cards. why 2 treasure hunts?
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            yep 5 is more then enough. its a nightmare to get a team especially cause evryone only wants high maps wich means there are just a few people available. much better would be to make it a solo thing like sky trail. also cause its very time consuming for limited rewards


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              I would love to do some Treasure Hunt, but I have no time for this during the week. I sometimes do 5-10 maps during the weekend only.
              Oh, not mentioning that it's so boring.
              Decreasing treasure map attempts to 1 daily would be really awesome.


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                less map but with more reward would be great
                RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
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                  I'm okay with the five attempts that has been given to us daily. Doing it ten times a day means more reward and more boredom.


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                    im not really longing for more attempts, i think treasure hunt quickly gives you strong crystals (faster than getting gems and i think they both are limited at lv 9?

                    I prefer either:
                    - reduce attempts but increase rewards (like arena)
                    - reduce bosses hp, i mean they don't do dmg a lot, but their hp is kinda huge
                    - chaging the rewards and amount of shards being needed: a lv 4 crystal requires a lv 3 crystal + 1800 shards. That quickly takes up inventory space for relativly low time needed to obtain the shards. Cant't they divide the reward and requirements for crystals by 3 or sth?

                    Adding more attempts seems pointless to me


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                      Rise the slots with 5 people in TM so everybody can use 1 map echo for 5 attempts.

                      So not one need to open 2.


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                        Originally posted by Billy_McF View Post
                        No, just No.

                        Removing the treasure hunt altogether is a better option in my opinion.
                        Agreed. But i want Circuit quests much much much more removed that this matter it trivial to me.