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about arena

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  • about arena

    no lvl limit WT??? a lvl 30+ Vs lvl 40+ with complete pvp set WT????

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    Arena insignias broken, thinking of leaving game. thank for killing the game
    My name is Heladanie, Hogsimus Maximus. Commander of the armies of the Hog's. General of Leleans Legion. Loyal servant to the true emperess, Lelean the first. Father of the piglets in the horde. And i will have my vengeance, in this realm or in another.


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      Me and other persons dont like the second arena time . C'mon guys we are not nocturnal. And about insignas ... i dont like that you split them. Now its very very hard to get enought insignas to buy something in arena shop. I have to options wich i like :1. exclude second arena time and let just 13 to 14 arena time 2. let both arena time but put insignas back , when you lose gain 2 insignas and when you win gain 6 insignas . I hope to do someone something about this . Thanks.