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Mystery Shop Costs... revised?

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  • Mystery Shop Costs... revised?

    So, post-patch, and it says, costs of various items in Mystery Shop have been adjusted. Neat, maybe they're less prohibitive. Let's take a look.

    Seal of the Undead, level 40 purple Archer Ring.

    20,000 Balens.

    Yes, twenty THOUSAND.


    That's $200 for a crappy, single ring, that you can get with 200 Crypt tokens.

    Glad to see the Mystery Shop's still the laughingstock it has always been.
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    Who gave insanity pills to the crazy guy ?

    Why so expensive.____,

    At least make it SANE prices>> ...

    why do i bother, will never buy for it anyways :/


    Checked prices, 40 balens for lvl 40 power potion -_-

    Guild shop lvl 3 or 4 gives it, and then it costs about same amnout, in thousands of gold (40-50k i think it was)...

    Isn't worth the balens to get it >>
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      does not, check the alchemy, balens -> gold
      Balens -> gold -> contr -> guild shop -> item (40 balens for 60k gold [alchemy])
      Balens -> mystery shop -> item (40 balens used for a 40k gold item )

      Better use alchemy and save 20k gold than buy that stuff
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        who would waste money on alchemy lol