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My Suggestions in Wartune

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  • My Suggestions in Wartune

    Hi i have some sugestions , that i'll be very thankful if they will be taked in consideration
    my sugestions are : summon in mpds ,afk mode should be avaiable ,cuz when you do all the 50 atemps you get bored

    2.should be doing something abt tok cards for dragon that we win and we already did the mount, should be something about sintetize those cards in other cards that we need diminue lag in WB and GB , a better thing will be to have a individual WB and GB for each player

    4.we shoud win those items for circuit and lost treasure maps somwere,( a scroll and a thing like a torch) , like we win horns in sky trail

    and i have a feeling that i have more sugestions ,after i remember ill make another thread

    Ty very much.