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Please allow us to disable World Propserity exp buff.

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  • Please allow us to disable World Propserity exp buff.

    I cannot stress this enough, there has to be a way as a player to manually disable.remove this buff, Wartune has a habit of hardcore punishing people for leveling to fast, and a massive exp buff does not help with the issue. We need a way to be able to shut it off if we do not want it. Anyone else agree? my lv 22 on S475 just got a 70% exp buff from this and its going to totally screw my br raising due to the almost double exp on everything now.

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    here is an idea

    just dont finish the quests completely

    pretty genius right?
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    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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      If you start on an experienced server: the WP buff is as high as 200%...

      Many people have asked for something like this: no responce have ever been forthcoming.
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        I am on S475, a newer server. The problem is you have to do some of the quests to unlock features. Personlly I think R2 leaves it because they want people to rush to level, screw up their br, which then most likely causes them to buy balens due to the stupidly insane long time some things take to get. Unless you say get a full team with 70 skeleton keys each to summon to try to get the mats for the 50 set, you'll probally hit 60 or 61 before you actually finish it.
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          I find delight in the woes of campers.


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            Originally posted by FufuBunnySlayer View Post
            I find delight in the woes of campers.
            People have to camp unless you want your br to be trash, unelss your a casher thou, then you can spend a ton and bypass it all.