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Holy Goblet a rip off

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  • Holy Goblet a rip off

    spent over $20 bucks trying to upgrade to lvl 2 and all fails,not frustrated but ****** off,i know r2 only want
    wallet player's,but this game has way too many fails in alot stuff,and what's worst it reset's daily,so or we haveto get 55 upgrade stones or forget about getting it to lvl2.Now i remember why I quitted r2 games,cause all you want is people money and opening too many servers.So you all with excellent players that wasted all that
    money to be excellent don't worry when they merge servers there's always someone better and been here longer.

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    I want a Holy Goblet. I could put my beer in there while I play WARTUNE.
    Lvl 80 Crit Mage, 298K BR, Aegis ***** G.M. Hells-Gate


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      what in hell is a holy goblet.


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        Just another name for Holy Grail. All players've been looking for it since the ancient times. Some dude got it and won invincibility/immortality and he complains that he can't make it lvl. 2. Dunno what lvl. 2 is supposed to give him, a bunch of hot virgins every day?