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S Skill/Auto Attack/Skill Cast time Suggestion

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  • S Skill/Auto Attack/Skill Cast time Suggestion

    1. My Suggestion is to make the S Skill an automatic Skill ( of course it does not consume rage ) and with chance(s) of activating,
    like when player's life (note: it's player's life not enemy's) is in danger ( 5%/10% below ) it will activate by chances making it a
    turn table or phase changing or just a life saving skill.
    I only think this just to make the battle a little fast phased and also to make the game a little dramatic ( P1 life's in danger and suddenly BOOM!!! SSkill something like that )
    or you can also create a new bar for SSkills that every time they attack and/or attacked it fill up then will automatically activated when the bar is filled.
    Of course like some older people says " With great power comes with great responsibility " whenever the SSkill is activated QTE will appear with 7, 10, or 12 keys
    If a player didn't make it on time the S SKill will be cancelled but If they did their life saver will come simple as that.
    Oh and SSkill has different turn meaning If player Has a Skill cast time finished and still haven't AA yet they will all activate after the SSkill.

    2. Skill Casting my suggestion is to make it timed base or giving it a casting time that after that time it will activated without prior to the basic attack or auto attacks
    so meaning skill will still activated when cast time is finished even If it's not the player(s) turn, it's like this " P1AA P2AA P1AA P1S P2S P2S something like that; AA (Auto Attack) S (Skill)".
    Of course the Auto attack will still commence If it's the player(s) turn only the skill is cast according to cast time , and then again my reason is just to make battle a little fast phased.
    Oh yeah about the QTE still the same for the skills it's used to strengthen the skills and will activate after you press the skills.

    3. or you can use alternate AA and Skill, skill is turned base and attack is timed based ( with time ).

    that's all for tonight and to all the people out there " this is just a suggestion " that's all

    " God Bless all "