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Sky Trail and most events

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  • Sky Trail and most events

    I'm a player that has spent quite a bit of money on this game and I've talked with almost everyone on my server about the game play of most of the events that are offered. We are finding that almost every event seems to need to be tweaked in some way. For instance, in new event Sky Trial I have an S assessment on every level up to Sky Trail LII, map 4. However, on map 5 I can't even get the "mob" much more than down to 1/2 life. I have an Orange Hades with about 300 dark resist and it's fully enchanted.. The level increase is just ridiculous. The same can be said for stage 15 in Spire.. but at least that is a slightly more realistic jump. Basically, the game is almost boring at this point. Everything is either too easy or out and out completely impossible.

    The constant changing and adding events is making the game way too time consuming in most people's opinion. We have lives, making a game that almost requires it to be a full time job isn't a way to have long term success. I know that literally more than 1/2 my server is contemplating quitting.

    Class Wars.. It's just stupid to have the brackets the way they are. I have a really good Battle Rating, but when I'm facing someone lvl 80.. it's just a waste of time. This is only going to get worse now that you are looking to add a bunch of new talents and abilities to lvl 80's. Anyone not 80 is going to be really frustrated. We can't lvl to 80 and be competitive in Arena or BG, but if we don't we might as well not take part in CW. I think and most agree that a 5 lvl grouping would make the most sense, much like BG's.

    World boss.. just boring.. we need the rewards, but it's sooo boring.. Circuit Quests.. too many Slyph atoll quests.. I think maybe 5% of the server even does 1 a wk..

    WE are fans of the change in both Arena forums. Less time consuming.