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    without resto/suntoria boss kills me before i can kill him; the time/rage spent casting them is more than made up for by the extra turns of dmg they allow me to deal

    38.7k matk 7.2k crit lvl 9 determination
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      Ok, I am at 41-42k matk level 10 determination 6.5k crit. You probably have a sharper build than I do. Plus Gaia is superior to AQ which I use (5-star blue 17.5k BR.)


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        to give yourself the best shot of winning fight, start with full rage and sylph awakening. after your first thunderer awaken, use 3 most dmging sylph skills, then unawaken. thunderer/bolt as often as possible while using resto/suntoria/heal rune to keep yourself healthy, then awaken again when sylph mode ready (ideally after just putting down a thunderer slow proc). this time, stay in sylph mode chaining attacks till end of fight


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          Passed it after the reset on maintaince day and stuck till now. Any idea to pass this sexy dark...


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            Originally posted by R27537271 View Post

            Passed it after the reset on maintaince day and stuck till now. Any idea to pass this sexy dark...
            wish i knew too...but alas before i can attempt it the maintenance scr ewed me up badly since i had insane lag and couldn't do anything...logging in takes 1hr and after 1hr...all i can see is cloud city with my char as a shadow and the background in mosaic. Attempting to open any window/menu causes the message "loading" to appear briefly on the screen...half an hr later...only the area currently shown on the screen is loaded properly with my char visible but the mount still invisible...attempting to open any window takes 10mins of staring at the sword that takes forever to fill up with the blue part of this...opening a tab on the same browser and loading any website took a second to load....only conclusion is the lag is purely R2...I could even play a fb game that uses flash and it runs at lightspeed...seriously...the lag gets more and more worse with each's like they're taking the servers down to add more lag rather than resolve any issues...was so full of anticipation to test out strategies to pass this stage and the lag shi t had to get in the way =S....
            IGN: Athena
            Guild: Warriors
            Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
            Class: Archer
            Difficulty Level: Noob
            BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)