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Little things that I find to be aggravating in this game.

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  • Little things that I find to be aggravating in this game.

    Hello everyone. I've decided to compile a list of little things that annoy me in this game. Feel free to share yours.

    1. The lag during WB, TOK and Spire.

    2. The random sylph skill overwrite when no free slot is available because a sylph has all 8 slots filled up (I learned this the hard way because the new sylph skill overwrote my Amazon Queen's Delphic - Vulcan's Judgement. R2 told me that the only way to get it back was to buy that sylph skill back and hope that it didn't overwrite any other important sylph skill and if it did ... the cycle of buying new important sylph skill continues ...).

    3. Mounts that are not sold in Hot Shop such as Underworld Steed, Cloudcaller and Darknite Panther.

    4. The ever-increasing pile of Shadow Souls that you can't do anything with except sell after getting Netherwing Dragon.

    5. The transformation of the P2W model to P2G2W model of Wartune by R2.

    6. The 'reject invite' default when a player first logs in.

    7. The clothes option where it's an all or nothing for show. Should have option each for showing wings, clothes or hair.

    8. The fact that R2 has still not given back the 768 Balens that it took from me through gem synthesis.

    9. Events that need the 39 Balens Pack to complete it.
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    Only 4 things lol


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      Darknite Panther is a BR event mount. Why the Bejebus would they put that in the shop, when people had to get a high enough br for it? -_-
      Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

      Server: [S242] Whitecrown- IGN: Cookie - Guild: DevilsGate - Class: Sorcerer - VIP: level 7 - Set: Heroic/Imperial - level: 71 - BR: 2.06 mil - Angel: lvl 80 Eostre


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        I find it aggravating that new features are introduced to force people to quit


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          the new contents/features are challenging people's decision-making and time managing capabilities
          ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O


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            I find the useless skills (Reverse Damage, Poison Arrow) extremely annoying, specially since you have to level em to move to other stuff, but what i find the most annoying is the completely lack of balance between classes at pvp.