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artificial intelligence (arena/catacombs)

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  • artificial intelligence (arena/catacombs)

    We (2 mages and 1 archer - use to be the top 3 player at the duel arena) talked in our guild about the artificial intelligence at the duel arena (catacombs) and we came to the point that our characters might be very dumb...
    Archers f.e. almost use their healing arrow at first when they wear the pvp set. That's total nonsense due to the fact that they have full hitpoints.
    Mages don't use that often aoe skills although there are a total of 3 enemies at the field. I dont know much about knights in that fact, cause we havent one in our guild yet with at least 3 parts of the pvp armor set. Furthermore do I kill my opponents quite easily when i play my char on my own and they do it in return as well. So there should be anywhere a bug in that system that needs to get fixed. One of the mages kill me usually with 90% hitpoints and 1 gryphon left and i kill him with around 30% hitpoints left (sometimes 1 / 0 gryphs left) he wears full pvp set I don't yet. My Battle Ranking is at 13,8k his at 15.7k...

    So I would ask if anyone else has made same experiences with the afking in catacombs and artificial intelligence at the duel arena?