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Everyone should have a chance to enjoy Wartune

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  • Everyone should have a chance to enjoy Wartune

    I understand that cashers must be rewarded with better stuff, otherwise it wouldn't make sense to spend cash. But still, I think preventing free players from building decent characters is not how you do it. I really think unlimited exchange events were good, because everyone could improve their BR and enjoy the game. It was challenging.
    It'd be better, in my opinion, to simply let cashers have a chance to buy even better stuff! For example, if non-cashers could get basic clothing from events, cashers should be able to buy enhanced clothing which boost some stats. Or just allow them to buy even more expensive stuff, such as unique mounts and so on.
    People who cannot afford spending 6 € a month to become VIP's are never going to do it. No point in forcing them. They will just quit, sooner or later, because one day they will not stand a single chance to win against cashers. Unless you match bg's and arenas by BR instead of level.
    Wartune needs the free players as much as the heavy cashers. So make it good for all, make it GREAT for those who have money. Make it worthwhile for everyone.

    Thank you.