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EXP BOOK Compensation Lvl 80's unite!

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    Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
    I disagree. We did not get our exp back in form of books. We spent time and effort to get to our current lvl and exp based on a higher exp criteria. Now that they had lowered the requirement to get to our current position in exp related features, we lose in terms of time and effort spent on top of all those exp scrolls wasted just to get more exp. Other ppl now require less time and effort to catch up to max talents and L80 like us. They gained something while we did not gain anything and lose out on time and effort. Being able to sell those exp books would've been a small compensation for all that time and effort we spent so far.
    yes, many of the people who reached 80 with max talent were expecting to sell those books.
    if we can't sell them, there are close to useless and aren't a compensation at all.
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      its a crappy "compensantion" not that i expected it to be really good but was kinda hoping we could sell them for something we DO need... GOLD
      well taking 2 spots in vault now.. lets see what will happen