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Problems with Chaos Rune level 10

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  • Problems with Chaos Rune level 10

    If anyone is thinking about spending money to get their chaos rune from level 9 to level 10...DON'T BOTHER!

    Despite what the information says about it working 100% of the time, it doesn't. According to R2 support it's a translation error. It should say that it will effect them 100% of the time but wont always proc making them hit their allies.

    Doesn't really help anyone who already spent **** tons of cash trying to get to level 10. Just a heads up trying to keep people from wasting their cash.


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    Well 100% chance to deuff them is still better than 90%, weather or not the enemy attacks his own allies is always gonna be 50% if they have troops because chaos rune makes their own troops a target, so he has two targets, his own troops or you. So its 50/50 as long as he gets the debuff from the rune. So its not a TOTAL waste but yeah.... Just some light shed on those who spent for lvl 10 chaos already.


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      bro if somebody has the cash to make it level 9

      they will make it level 10
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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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        Just pointing out that it's not worth spending anymore money on if you've already gotten it to level 9.


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          A lot have known this for some time now. Hobo's got a point too, lol.


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            Appreciate the heads up. Thank you.
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              Originally posted by Brutal_Hobo View Post
              bro if somebody has the cash to make it level 9

              they will make it level 10
              Not really if u buy from glory shop till last year xD. I made it to lvl 10 by that way only. and yeah very disappointed. Not work all the time even it still showed 3 turns on enemies.


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                i use amnesia


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                  Wow, thanks for the heads up! I've been throwing every runestone I get at choas trying to make it level 10 which has been my dream! Last 6 months every runestone I've gotten. What a waste and what a scam. Fix the translation error if they know about it! Stop scamming!


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                    well...its nothing new. Typo errors is their specialty...have known that since Aug 2012 when I started playing...back then the joke of the day was going to BG and seeing the system message..." So and So has killed more Soles than the Grim Reaper"....cracked me up all the time....we kill ppl in BG yet the message claimed we're fighting and killing shoe bottoms =P

                    Another major one was when new rune system was out...Ancient rune pack description claims to give one of rage, amnesia and chaos rune...those lucky buggers who manage to chance it in mystery shop early got 1 of each rune as compensation for the of us weren't so lucky...

                    There's so many typos they made that the full list will be probably be as long or longer than the longest thread you can find in this forum...
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                      I actually thought chaos worked like this

                      50% to debuff target, 50% to attack own allies/troop

                      70% to debuff target, 70% to attack own allies/troop

                      but from you guys... only the debuff % changes, and the attack own allies/troop stays at 50%?

                      That kinda sucks...
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                        i should've picked amnesia instead of chaos :c
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                          You shouldn't have said that. R2 will know there's a typo and then they'll fix it.
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                            Originally posted by iamop View Post
                            You shouldn't have said that. R2 will know there's a typo and then they'll fix it.
                            nothing wrong with fixing typo... unless you're saying R2 is being right for not fixing bugs like they usually do? so if they fix the typo, they're doing something wrong?


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                              Haven't you noticed that on lower levels that chance increased only the chance of being applied, not of being triggered?
                              The same, making blood rune lvl. 10 is definitely not worth it, since most of people will get the 8k cap while draining 6% of HP.

                              I'm satisfied with my Chaos on lvl. 5. Maybe lvl. 9 would be nice since it lasts 3 turns, but too many other nice runes to level up with those stones.