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  • Suggestions and Ideas for the game

    Hello GM's & Dev's.

    I've now been playing for over a week now and have seen some things I think could use improving.

    1.) Farm.

    I like the idea of the farm, but having a cap on the ability to help out your friends and get XP for doing so Really isn't needed. You have an XP point system in the game to keep the farm from leveling too quickly, which is all that is needed to keep the farm in balance; By removing the XP cap it will allow people to help out their friends more often and it would not unbalance the farm at all.
    If you feel it would unbalance the farm then take and increase the amount of XP needed to level the farm; Doubling or even tripling the amount would be more than sufficient to keep the farms from growing out of control.

    2.) Stamina

    I see you are using a stamina system similar to the one they are using in War of Troy, a game I used to play on Joyfort's website.
    I do like the system, but it is REALLY CONSTRAINING. as once you run out of Stamina you can no longer really play the game. My suggestion to this is going to be in 2 parts and is simple.
    1.) Either Remove the Stamina system (which I think almost every player would like)
    2.) Take and add more times per day that the stamina refills.
    I personally would like option 1 myself, but more than likely option 2 would be more likely.
    There is a 3rd option that could be done as well; take and add a timer on the stamina that would replace a point of stamina every few minutes or so, the exact time would be up to you though.
    And YES, I do know you have a way to replace SOME stamina (i.e. The Altar of Ennoblement) but that little stamina boost is not much and having to wait almost 2 HRS to get another 60 stamina that allows you to only run 3 more Campaign dungeons is a long time to wait.

    I really think most players would love to see the stamina system removed and the Altar used for something else.

    3.) Runes for Sale

    I see you have a lot of the runes for sale, all except for the most important one, the Rage Rune. So far, I have only found them in dungeons and not for sale anywhere. And YES, I have checked in all of the most likely places, (i.e. the Guild & shop), my suggestion here would be to make them available for sale as they are VERY IMPORTANT to all of the classes. Just so people don't go abusing it you could have only the lvl 1 or 2 Rage Runes for sale and have the higher ones drop from mobs in the dungeons.