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Forgotten Catacombs (*best item*)

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  • Forgotten Catacombs (*best item*)

    what's the best item you guys have gotten in Forgotten catacombs so far?

    i know its probably not possible, but i figure i'll ask anyway, GM, is it possible to get items only for your own class?

    the drop rate to get an item drop in catacomb is very very very low already, and to finally do get an item, and then not be able to use it. it's just kind of ....pointless almost.

    here is the best item i have gotten so far out of the crypt, and turn out it's an item i can't use...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	jewlery.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	17.7 KB
ID:	1732453

    you guys wanna share what items you guys have gotten so far? or the best items you guys have gotten?
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    Wow this item is very nice! On which lv(floor) u got it?
    You should wait till the market trading system is on to sell it for balens.
    I could only get low lv stone, gems and runes (I'm only lv 33).


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      oh doubt market gonna come in's a 50ish item so i think i got on floor 40ish...cause that's the 50 mobs..but then again. no one is even close to 50 yet..and it's a lv. 58 item..i wish it was for me to use though...bah...mage item...

      mostly i got gems,runes too, that's why it's very rare for people to get a piece of item...1 in a 100 runs maybe i think.idk.
      all i know is they should make it drop for your own class if they won't allow trading/selling of items.
      see if anyone else got any good drops yet out of catacomb?
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        does xp scroll work in cata?
        Fuujin - Deputy of Crusaders - S2 - Level 66


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          best thing i got was.... crypts tokens >.<

          Games hates me, except when i do astrals

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          Class Mage
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            Originally posted by Mystic2 View Post
            best thing i got was.... crypts tokens >.<

            Games hates me, except when i do astrals
            you still get tokens? ever since they put in the 3/3 try i NEVER got a token again. but now they put it back to 1/1 try, maybe we'll start seeing token again..
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