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addin a delete player in tanks

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  • addin a delete player in tanks

    There are many players who have multiple players in the game an when in tanks they very often put their secondary char into a opposite tank team, this is not a good thing to do cause the team that gets that secondary unused char has a tank that gets destroyed a lot cause of inactivity an the owner of the char often aims to destroy his second char in order for his team to win. The 3 people on the same tank team as the secondary char loses because they are one unmanned tank so they get lower score an often lose. usually the owner of the secondary char will switch back every 3 min to allow the second tank to fire a shot so the game doesn't kick it for inactivity. I think a KICK button should be added so that the inactive tank can be kick by the team captain of the tank team that has that char in its field. fair game for all.