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Whats the best troop for knight at lvl 40+

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  • Whats the best troop for knight at lvl 40+

    Well iwas just thinking of which is better troop is it angel or a knight..Please post your comments and discussions

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    In My opinion, You are a tanker, so you need the troop that can make more damage when battling.
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      i seen both working very well for knights, really depend i guess. everyone pick knights, but some people pick angels. the only angels i've seen that works really well are the higher level ones such as 38+ the lower level ones die within 2 hit. the higher level ones can even tank fairly well, they heal for around 2k per hit. and they heal every other turn. so they can last fairly well for a couple turns and they do around 1k+ dmg to knights. really depend on what kind of a knight you are. if you went the tanking route then pick angels hands down. most knights pick angels for the healing and matk ability of angels. but i seen knights with knights as shield and dps. really depend on what you prefer. you can fight other knights in arena and get a feel for angels and knights. check it out yourself before deciding on other people's opinions.
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        i love my angels i figure as a knight i already do physical damage so angels magic damage makes for well rounded team plus they heal make sure to max out you academy troop matk pdef mdef
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          depends what u want... fight world boss = knight, battleground and duels = angels


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            knights the damage is too good at higher lvls.
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