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Study - Best Class for Non-Cashers?

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    don't feel mages are good very later troops are weak and die from 1 aoe than squishy mages are exposed to high dmg from both patk classes....they might rock for me when new troops arrive but for now they are kind exposed (for knight its to be at front since blocks/heal,%hp and dmg/crit reduction passive for mages to be back since they are squishy and cant take many hits before hitting floor that is why troops are needed to protect them few turns and troops these days die in 1 shot from lunatic)


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      Having had all classes...easiest to build and maintain up yo lvl 65 was mage, focus on weakness first (PDEF). Starting off with..knight was most differcult but got better around lvl 60. Archer wasnt to bad from start and great at lvl 60 onwards but you have to work real hard and save pots etc for wb to get max gold and daru (for troop enhancement)....your defense, crit astros need alot of gold from here on if your not going to spend. In any case a non cashier with any class that puts alot of time and careful xp gain to match their progress...will always be mildly competitive pvp wise compared to casher (who knows what they doing) with same in game play time....

      good luck


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        Originally posted by EmperorWraith View Post
        Study - Best Class for Non-Cashers?

        Hello again. Most of you will probably know me from the previous Study I conducted: "Wartune Classes: Their Advantages + Popularity", which I thought was a very successful event.
        I have now chosen to conduct a second Study. This one is more or less connected to Non-Cashers, and which class will suit their needs best:

        1: Which Class would YOU recommend to a Non-Casher?


        2: Why?

        The same rules apply. Please STICK TO THE TOPIC of the thread, and do not post more than ONCE.

        Also, it would be highly appreciated if you could place a number next to the answer so it is a clear indicator for which question you have answered. (Example: 1) I would recommend Archers because...
        2) The reason I have suggested this is because...)

        Thank you,
        with the current patch of wartune where u need balens for all, none chracter is good, for who has more of 1 year playing like free, knigh was of best choice. u
        don´t need high rage for start (high clothe rage) cus knight get +10 for action, dont need have apollo shield or double skills (until lych nm where is need it),so
        basically this

        PS: like free player still i don´t open my full inventary i did not when is cost vouchers >_<
        PS2: i don´t have wings yet too T_T
        Game : Wartune
        Name: Xias
        Server: Kabam 21 (merged with 18)
        Guild: Redemption
        Class: Knight
        BR: 120.493 with bless and my stronger sylph (lv 74)
        Casher: not ATM (some day xD )
        Sylph. blue iris 5 stars 19.150 BR
        Playing since 28/04/2013


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          i am high lvl non-casher archer, i also got a mid-50's mage.

          both are pretty easy builds, though double skills are a good use of bb (especially if you go mage). On my archer, I have no trouble in any pve situation and get top 10 wb every time. I don't go as hard into crit as most archers im still working on 5k crit i have a tankier build then most. But it is easy to get enough crit. farm honor up to IC while you're low lvl and get a red crit astral and you'll be fine.

          They are all definitely possible to do so just pick the one that matches your play style
          warriors do have slightly higher br requirements for most high lvls mps since they have to tank.


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            1) Mages

            2)why? because mages are AWESOME. Also in high lvl dungeons a good mage would be needed, since iris wouldn't be able to keep up(depending on the player).
            so i would say let archers damage and let mages heal.
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              Originally posted by Ztarku View Post
              1. Archer
              2. Because they are best for non-casher
              Should it be a jokke or? Archer and Knight is problie the must expensivaste class to make it good.

              Archer defens is relly week easy kill them if them dont spend tons of balens for upgrade the games all classes some change and go to crit will see it will be expensive as hell.
              You need in princip pay crypt keys for Cata and Necropolis everyday just for keep the crit good otherwise you dont crit alot.

              Archer only tactic for win is kill before be killed. So you need relly spend alot for get strong damges if you to week in damges you will lose over every singel other else.
              Character - Taggen
              Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
              Class - Archer
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                I think mage

                they don't need too much of cash + are a good dominant class in future
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                  I would definitley say archer.

                  Im a 132k archer with only around 600 usd spent + vip (11 monthish). I know that this doesnt qualify me as a non casher by any means, but compaired to most any players that are around that same BR, they have easily spent 2-3 times what I have to get to the same strength. The biggest key to being successful in any class as a non/low casher is dedication. Working hard every day to get all rewards, ho.arding everything you can get your hands on for events (gems, whips, SC, etc, space is a problem if you didnt open all with vouchers back in the day). Archers tend to get more gold in WB easier then other classes can, and decent archers are always in high demand, where as knights and mages tend to be more plentiful, making it harder to get runs.

                  In the long term game (as far as china has it) knights seem to be the way to go, but as a non casher, you likely will not be contending for top 10, or possibly even top 20, so imo knights arent the best. Mages are wonderful for having in MPDs (obviously) and decent in group arena, but without spending money, they struggle in cata, nech, sky trail, and worldboss, which are all very very important in building a strong character for free (when compared to archers).


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                    Originally posted by jamesbacmon View Post
                    I think mage

                    they don't need too much of cash + are a good dominant class in future
                    in advanced skill knights will get 100% 3 turn freeze shadow trasher with 1 cd and another AoE skill , and so far they will have the deadliest single target delphic , and u tell me that mages will be awesome , pffft , they wont get anywhere with advanced skills man


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                      Originally posted by MageRockz View Post
                      in advanced skill knights will get 100% 3 turn freeze shadow trasher with 1 cd and another AoE skill , and so far they will have the deadliest single target delphic , and u tell me that mages will be awesome , pffft , they wont get anywhere with advanced skills man
                      i just love when people quote future skills, would be nice to explain when and how those skills will be available, also how much time it will take for a new player to get them
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                        u have to be lvl 80 for the advanced skills to open and what i said about shadow trasher is when u max the skill , u will have 100% slow for turns.

                        this blog has detailed for every class , hope it helps


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                          Keep the answers coming, guys! I'm going to stop taking in results on Friday 23rd May. You have until then to get your posts in!
                          Thank you to all those who have already posted. Your results have been taken in.
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                            Knight most expensive class. Archer and mage both cheaper.