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    meh something better than nothing and for those ppl saying u cant build a toon without *cashing* guess what?
    i have loads of people who build there toon to a great point
    dont compare what u see inn cross servers dudes with 150k+ BR those are called whales some just got money and wanna spend it
    but look at your server if u see u belong in the avg then u made a great toon
    Server: snowcrest [s351]
    TOON NAME ;Mohammed
    Guild : DarkLegion
    Battle Rating : 217k
    mega free player non casher


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      Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
      i just find it funny that just because there's events everyday unlike other games where you hardly get daily events, ppl expect to have the same events every month. Then they turn around and curse the publisher for having boring and same events every month but when they change it, they also get scolded for changing it. Seems to me the ppl cursing on this forum have it worse than women on their period...
      i agree with athena , i think it has been like this for months and complainers being the most percentage cause of event changes, can u beleive last gem event which had lvl 1-3 gems for only 10 balen (dont recall if it was 1-2 or 1-3), and stupid rat screams like event failure , looooooooool.