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Guild Specialized server's?

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  • Guild Specialized server's?

    I haven't been in wartune long, but one thing that I have noticed that I think ruin's the game is the guild system. I.E the server being dominated from the start by 1 or 2 guild's. This is usually down to people all going to the strongest looking guild from the start, or guild's merging into the strongest guild's. Could the idea of Guild specialized server's please by looked into. With a system set to make the guild system, and in particular the General Battle, more competitive.
    The General battle in some server's are only worth turning up at the last battle of the week, because the competition is either to weak on monday or wedensay, or they don't bother turning up at all. Perhaps an idea with preset guild's in which an allocation system enter's player's into guild's at the server reset.. In which you then represent that guild, till you decide to move to a new server. Also more event's and prizes specialized on guild performance, and growth, rather than player growth. Such as a guild prizes, and standing's in the WB etc.
    If a new server niche like this was created, not only would it give us player's a different sort of system and challange. It would also give r2games new source of funding, and event's to generate income. So in general, a new system created for best interest' of both world's. Please could you at least considerate this suggesting.

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