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Replace HS with 6th skill slot

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  • Replace HS with 6th skill slot

    Now that the exp has changed the people who were level 70-80 and had maxed hs now have an unfair advantage to those under who cant get that high with there hs so i propose the it be removed and be replaced by a 6th skill slot which would be really helpful in mpd's and arena where we got to constantly change out skills and dont have enough room for needed abiltys

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    That's how the game was planned to be.
    Having ability to upgrade HS to high level is an advantage of higher level players.
    Nothing to be changed, in my opinion.
    It would be for example like setting maximum BR for certain levels.


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      Why not add when a player have gotten hs 99 the ability to use hs or a skill in that slot? Would reward those who have lv99 hs that most likly doesn't need to use it much if at all


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        HS lvl. 99 is rewarding since we're stun-free (besides DDS-like skills, ofc).

        There is a reason why there are 5 skill slots and thanks to that players need to think at least, a little bit.


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          In future we get next skill slot, if i remember good also 3rd rune


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